Jonathan Searle, Hey that's me!!

Since my first interactions with Google, during the turn of the century, I have worked passionately to turn 21+ years of experience into a fairytale-like success story that has exceeded my clients, partners, and company’s expectations.

Using inventive techniques that appeal to a wide range of clients, I strive to create new Inbound Marketing Operations Programs which need to be responsive and aggressive in testing new or changed techniques and or platforms aligned to each company's end goals.

As a Multi-Channel Marketing Consultant, I enjoy being an asset to any organization, but as a leader, I lead with passion and expertise to an entirely different plane. The workflow and results from my services require a well-trained and dedicated team to capitalize on increased traffic, visibility, and overall increased leads.

Skill set:
Multi-Channel Marketing | Content Marketing | Marketing Attribution (UTM Development) | Google Analytics & Tag Manager  (currently upgrading many UA to GA4 (it's coming)| |Google Ads| Social Media Strategy | Landing Page Optimization | Content Syndication | Website Optimization | SEO | Paid Media Strategy | ABM |

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